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Hi, I am David Binion, I am a technical assistant of a solar panel manufacturing company. I also have a solar panel selling and service providing shops beside my job. Because of my job & business, I have to face so many clients of the power tool users. I saw many clients face difficulties with installation, maintenance, not getting the exact amount of power, buying the wrong one. All those problems they face because of their lack of knowledge about the solar panels.

That is the reason I have started writing and researching on this particular matter. This website will give you all the latest information about the best solar panel and other related accessories that you will need. If you keep connecting with me, you will always receive an update about the best and top list, tips, tricks, uses, and budget-friendly solar panels for boats, power generators, solar microinverters, solar panels for campers and many others. This website will show you the comparison prices, function, and features of solar panel tools & machinery so that you can pick the best one for you. 

David Binion

Solar Panel Freak Author.