How Big Is A 1kw Solar Panel?

Using a 1kW solar panel which in the home comes with many advantages. This kit is made up of five 200 watt solar panels and it is very comfortable as it has an affordable price, easy installation, and it does not take much space. With all this advantages, it is often asked how big is a 1kW solar panel?

This 1kW solar panel is safe for the household and the planet as it reduces pollution and generates green energy while giving individuals complete energy independence. This solar panel is often recommended for people who have a power cut in their home or business frequently and would like to get affordable electricity like Petrol Pump, Hospital Owners, School/Colleges, Farmers, Small homeowners, and small shop owners.

Although, it is essential to remember that the 1kW solar is to be gotten after you are certain it can carry all your devices. Otherwise, it is better to get a larger size like the 3kW solar panel as the 1kW is incapable of fulfilling most homes’ energy demands, which could end up making your devices not function properly.

How Big Is A 1kw Solar Panel?

There is no set size for the 1kW solar panel as there is no single panel that is 1kW, but it requires about a space size of about 100 square feet. 1kW is also known as 1000 watts. To get this 1kW, we can put small solar panels like 100 watts or 200 watts in an array to get the 1000 watts.

How Big Is A 1kw Solar Panel

Ten 100-watt panels, five 200-watt panels, or two 500-watt panels put together would make up a total of 1000 watts (1kW), and while each of these would take up a lot of space, the size would differ based on the array built.

Ten 100-watt panels would be around 41 x 20 x 1.3 inches. Creating two rows of these solar panels would be five per row to make it 1kw. With the right positioning, the total height of the solar panels would be about 2140mm, and the total width would be about 2540mm. The total size of this array would be 5.25m2.

How Much Power Does A 1kw Solar System Generate?

The 1kW solar panel generates 2642 kWh annually. This solar panel consists of an array of several smaller panels. The amount of sunlight accessible by the solar panel and its characteristics greatly affect the generated power. The higher the panel, the more electricity is produced. The 1kW solar panel can generate 5000 watts in the daytime thanks to the sun’s power.

How Much Power Does A 1kw Solar System Generate

The types of solar cells used for panel production are also important. Using monocrystalline solar cells (the modern solar cell) would produce more electricity than polycrystalline solar cells (the older solar cell). The number of solar cells can also affect the energy produced as most solar panels usually have 60 or 72 cells.

The sunlight accessible by the solar panel in an hour is known as “peak sun hour,” which is different in different places on earth. The more peak sun hours the solar panel could get, the more electricity produced.

Location, Climate, Orientation, and Tilt angles determine the peak sun hour. It is best to set the panel to move it, so you can easily fix it based on the direction of the sun, as the output is very high when it is directly under the sun without any shade to obstruct it.

They could also set it in a position where it faces the southern part of the sun as the sun faces south for maximum solar power or peak sun high. It is also important to know that the panels’ temperature could also reduce and increase the peak sun hour.

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What Can A 1kw Solar System Run?

A 1kW can carry a running load of approximately 800 Watt a month and generates an average of 4-5 units per day and 1500 units every year. This solar panel is mostly recommended for small families who don’t use appliances with a total running load of about 800 Watt monthly.

This solar system is not advisable in America because the average American household uses 877 kWh monthly, which is about 29kWh a day. They need at least 1.2kW to consume 29kWh daily, which would require a bigger solar panel or array.

With a 1kW Solar system, you can use a refrigerator, one television, one laptop, three fans, four to five lights; it is possible to use all of these for about three to four hours without having any power failure. It could also give four hours backup during the nighttime. The table below shows the monthly generation report for a 1kW solar system:

MonthPer Day Generation (in Units)

How Much Would A 1kw Solar System Cost?

The average cost of just the panel for a 1kW solar panel array is about $700 to $1,500. This cost is for the panel, which is made with the modern solar panels, which is the monocrystalline solar panel, but the total price of the solar panel, including the setup, is listed below:

How Much Would A 1kw Solar System Cost

Solar Panel WattsAmount of Solar PanelTotal WattsSize of Each PanelPrice Renogy
50 watts201kW601 x 497 x 30 mm$1,400
100 watts101kW1066 x 508 x 35 mm$1,300
200 watts51kW1620 x 657 x 35 mm$1,700
300 watts41.2kw1666 x 1002 x 35 mm$1,500

It is also important to note that Solar System has three different types, which are the On-grid solar system (which uses a grid-tie inverter), off-grid solar system (which has a backup battery), and the hybrid solar system (a combination of both the on-grid and off-grid solar systems).

The On-Grid Solar System is the most used solar system because it comes with solar panels and inverters that are highly efficient. It also comes with mounting structures that are easy to fix and other necessary solar accessories needed to run the solar.

The Off-Grid Solar System is also known as the battery-based solar system. It runs directly with the first solar battery to run your load. This off-grid solar system stores solar power in various batteries to be used in case of a power cut and no sun.

The Hybrid Solar System is often referred to as Solar Battery Bank as it has the features of both the On-Grid Solar System and the Off-Grid Solar System. This solar system is designed using the latest technology.


It is important to know the answer to the question – how big is a 1kW solar panel?With the answer to this question, you would be ready to make adequate preparation for having the space needed to install your solar panel.

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