Power Bank Vs Solar Charger: Which Is Better For 2022?

Power bank and Solar charger, which is better, you may ask. This review will provide simple and clear answers to this important question.

Having a power backup is very important to ensure we always power on our phones. However, choosing the best power backup is always a problem common to many people, especially when choosing between a Solar charger and a power bank. This article will guide you through making a good choice.

Power bank vs Solar charger Comparison

Below is a quick comparison chart between a Solar charger and a power bank

Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Slim 10000 Power Bank, 10000mAh Battery Pack,
Solar Charger 25000mAh, Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels
Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Slim 10000 Power Bank, 10000mAh Battery Pack,
Solar Charger 25000mAh, Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels
Solar charger
Power bank
Charging time
Charging time
Charges slower
Charges faster
Power source
Power source
Needs power source to work
Less portable
More portable depending on the type
More durable
Less durable
Power supply
Power supply

Power bank vs Solar charger: which is better?

Buying a power bank or a solar charger is a choice that depends on the need for a power backup and not a competition of which is better. When it comes to choosing between a solar charger and power bank, neither of both is better than the other because they come in handy in different situations.

A power bank might be good in an environment where a power supply is available, while a Solar charger will be more useful when electricity is unavailable.

Power bank vs Solar charger

What is a power bank?

A power bank is a device that stores electricity in a battery. This device makes it possible to charge other devices like phones when there is no power supply. A power bank helps solve the problem of lack of power supply to devices and allows phones and other devices get charged.

What is a power bank

Is Power bank worth it?

Everyone wants value for their money, so no one wants to get something that won’t measure up to its expected value. Getting a good power bank is a good choice in getting our phones and other devices always charged. A power bank is worth buying when one travels frequently and won’t have time to charge devices.

A power bank may also be suited when going out on fun outdoor activities like hiking and cycling activities that will take us far away from home or a source of electricity, we need to have a power bank handy.

Advantages of power bank

Power banks are a good source of extra power supply that can help our phones and devices stay on. Other advantages include:

Reliable power backup

Having a low battery can be a big problem when we find ourselves with no access to electricity, or we are so busy to have time to charge our phones or devices. It could be hunting activities, hiking, or traveling that takes us far away. In such case, the need for a strong and long-lasting power backup that we can carry around is very important. A power bank is that handy device that will be of good help in such conditions.


Another choice to make when choosing a power backup is the size. Power backup shouldn’t be so bulky to take a lot of space that will cause disturbance. Some power banks are so big in size that they can fit into the pocket and can be easily carried anywhere. Whenever we consider a power backup that won’t add extra weight and size, A power bank is the best choice.


We might want to consider a convenient way always to get our phones, tabs, and other devices on. Power banks are the best choice to provide such needs due to their small size and battery strength. It can be carried about so easily anywhere and can be a good travel partner.

Disadvantages of power bank

Since the power bank has a lot advantages, however, we also have to consider the disadvantages so as to balance our descision.

The need to charge

A power bank must be charged before being used. Charging some power banks can take a lot of time. Although we have some high-quality Power banks with Qualcomm fast charging capability, however, the challenge remains that electricity is needed to make them work.

Mis-leading capacity rate

One common problem of power bank manufacturers is giving deceptive capacity rates to win market sales. A power bank could be described as 5000 mAh, while the real capacity might be lower. It is usually safe to expect 20% lower than the marketed capacity of a power bank.

Price factor

Getting a quality Power bank can cost between $50-$100. Considering a case where two or more of such power bank is needed to power many different devices, the price can be a limitation.

Solar Charger

A solar charger is a device that can charge a phone or other devices by generating power from the sun. A Solar charger is small in size, lightweight, and sometimes foldable, which helps our phones to get charged in the presence of sunlight. Solar phone chargers vary based on the quality and power output (watt) they offer. Some solar panel provides as high as 200 watts and, this can be of high price while we have low-priced solar phone chargers which also offer a good output.

Is the solar charger worth it?

In this present world, where everyone wants to be online for different purposes without suffering from low battery; a good alternative power source is the key.

Solar is a clean power source that prevents the incidence of greenhouse emissions threatening the world. Solar chargers can help our phones to stay charged anywhere the sun shines without any extra cost.

Most solar charger comes with the benefit of the small size which can fit even into a pocket. If we are considering hiking with friends and family, hunting, traveling, and vacation to any place, a solar charger is that device that can assure us of a reliable power supply. Most solar chargers can fit into any budget as we have low priced solar phone charger with good quality in the market today.

Advantages Of Solar Charger

There are various advantages of having a Solar charger, below are the points we might need to take note of:

Unlimited power

A solar charger can supply power without limit so far, the sun is shining. This is a very great advantage to get our phones and devices always powered on.

Environmentally friendly

The best alternative power source is solar due to its positive impact on the environment. People who consider things which help the good condition of the environment can see getting a solar charger as a good choice

Need no charging

The most outstanding benefit that make solar charger better than Power bank is the need for no charging before use. We don’t have to worry about charging them or not; all we need to do is place them directly where the sun shines then your phone’s start charging

No need for an extra cost

Solar chargers need no extra cost to charge a phone. They generate electricity through natural means without the cost of electricity generation.

Disadvantages Of Solar Charger

Need for sunlight

A solar charger needs direct sunlight to work efficiently, which means it can only work during the daytime.

Need space

Space is one important thing to consider when using a solar charger. Most Solar charger occupies a little space that makes it difficult to conserve energy from sunlight, and this could be a problem in cases where such space is not available. However, there are some with smaller lengths and low priced.


Under the circumstances of strong sunlight, it will take at least 3 hours to get a phone fully charged, and this depends on the capacity of the solar charger. Some can take more time due to their capacity.

Do I Need A Power Bank Or A Solar Charger?

Time, space, price, power capacity needed, and easy with which to move it from place to place are the factors we must consider before deciding whether we need to buy a power bank or a solar charger.

It is not a question of superiority but a question of which would soothe my plans and schedule. If the need for a power backup is due to an unstable location due to traveling, a power bank is the best choice. A solar charger will work for you if you need a device to serve you extra power without considering urgency and space.

Final Words

Power bank vs Solar charger you may ask. This guide provides clear answers to this question. Before choosing to buy a power bank or a solar charger, the condition needed for an additional power source must be well understood. Follow the information in this review to reach a decision and you won’t be disappointed.

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