Why Are Solar Panels Blue & How Does It Matter?

If you are determining to set up the solar panel at home or in the van, you need to choose the color. Now the question is why are solar panels blue? Why do you need to choose the blue over black panels? Before giving you detail about choosing the blue panels, let me tell you that a blue solar panel has an anti-reflective system for coating.

The homeowners will choose it for less costing. Also, it provides maximum energy with great efficiency. Though the blue panel is less effective for the polycrystalline layer, this blue panel is popular in the market.

Why Are Solar Panels Blue?

Two types of solar panels are mostly used among people. Those are Black and Blue solar panels. Now, you must be thinking of why color is essential on the panels. Why are solar panels blue? There are some facts behind the color choices on solar panels. You can also set the best solar panels for boats according to color. Let’s see why the solar panels are blue instead of yellow, orange, or other colors.

Why Are Solar Panels Blue


In the blue solar panel, there is a coating on the panel that works as an anti-reflective way. This system increases the absorbing capacity of the panel. Also, the efficiency of the blue work panel is good and wastes less energy power. That is why the blue color is chosen for the panel. The module efficiency of the blue panel is increasing more than the black panels. 

Technical Information

Though the blue panels produce the same amount of energy, but the blue panels require more space and times than the black panels. The glimmer on the surface is higher on the blue panels. The absorption capacity of the blue panels are higher than the black panels.


Compare to black and blue solar panels, if you are choosing the panels based on the cost, blue panels are the best. Because the materials of the blue panels which is polycrystalline is much lower than the monocrystalline. Also, the setting cost and the repairing cost is also lower than the black solar panels.


The material that is used on the blue panels is much lower than the black panels. It doesn’t mean the quality of the services is bad. It means you will get less guarantee and the panels are less sustainable than the black panels.


Because of the low costing of the panels, these panels are much affordable than the others. Normally the homeowners set up the blue panels most. Because they don’t want to spend so much money on this sector.

Besides, within a minimum range, if you get the most efficient service, you must be a fool to choose the expensive one. Overall, we can say that the blue panels are the most affordable panels among other solar panels.

Black Vs. Blue Solar Panels: Which Panel Type Is Best?

It is not a matter of colors that we need to choose for using the solar panels. It’s all about the materials that use on the solar panels. There are two types of the silicon monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Blue panels are made of polycrystalline whereas black panels are made of monocrystalline. Now the main differences and which one is appropriate for you is given below.

Black Solar Panels

The main material of the black solar panel is monocrystalline which provides high-quality silicon crystal. The black solar panel is expensive because of its good absorbing power. Also, the black solar panel’s performance is best in the warm weather.

Even in the low light conditions, this panel provides good performance and it is also a space saver. You will get more lifetime guarantee on this panel due to its better performance. The light-absorbing power of this black panel is great and electricity production is good.

Blue Solar Panels

Blue solar panels are made of polycrystalline cells and less effective than the monocrystalline. Though the panels are less effective, due to cost-effectiveness, this panel is capturing the market for a long period of time. You can easily repair the blue panels.

This blue panel wastes less production and provides more energy than the black panels. Though the panel provides low-quality silicon but it is more affordable to the others.

Now, the point is which one you want to choose. If you are searching for the quality then Black panels are the best for solar panels at home or in another area. But, people mostly use blue panels especially at home because of its less cost. Now, it’s up to you where you want to set it and how much you want to spend?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some relevant answer to the randomly asked question about solar panels. You can learn more from this section.

Do solar panels work in rain?

Solar panels normally absorb power from the sun, now if the weather is rainy it will not get available energy. So, it’s not possible for a solar panel to work on rain. 

Do solar panels need sun or just light?

For a brighter or shiner light at night or evening, solar panels need the energy. With the light, your panel may work but you will not get the same service that you get from the sun.   

Do solar panels need cleaning?

It’s not necessary to clean the solar panels unless you are living in an area where the environment is full of dust or smog. 

Final Thought

Choosing the solar panel according to color is necessary. Because the blue solar panel not only reduces the cost but also has a great production process. After reading the whole article I hope you already know the answer to why are solar panels blue?

Blue solar panel is made of silicon crystal and has a layer of polycrystalline on the body. So, when it absorbs the energy from the sun it will waste less energy compared to black. I am not saying the black solar panels are bad, but the blue solar panels provide the best service within a minimum range. 

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